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The Bank of Georgia has recently publicly announced its successful collaboration with multinational technology company Red Hat. With the involvement of the Orient Logic team at the bank, the decision of Red Hat "Enterprise Linux", which is the world's leading platform in the direction of "Linux", was introduced. It should be noted that the Bank of Georgia also uses Red Hat's JBoss application platform and SSO solutions.

Vazha Mantua, Deputy Director of the Information Technology Department of the Bank of Georgia "We are constantly introducing the latest technologies and processes on the Georgian market. Bank of Georgia was one of the first financial organizations in the region to introduce Agile methodology. It is noteworthy that the company is actively developing DevOps technologies. Accordingly, the Bank's IT infrastructure is fully focused on maximum operational flexibility and stability.Red Hat products and services help our IT team to ensure the development of a stable technology environment and actively introduce the latest technologies in the market. Our successful collaboration means even more joint and large-scale projects in the future."

Temur Kulchitsky, Red Hat Transcaucasian Regional Manager "Nowadays, in an ever-increasingly competitive environment, banks often need to modernize their organization's web resources to meet customer needs more flexibly and efficiently, which in itself implies improved service quality and increased capabilities. Red Hat Open Source solutions, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, are tailored to all types of workloads. Based on Red Hat customer-focused support and DevOps expertise, Bank of Georgia has been able to improve the stability and reliability of the organization's infrastructure. Red Hat is pleased to actively collaborate with the Bank of Georgia and will continue to assist customers in overcoming their business challenges and transforming them into industry leaders. " Merab Gogolauri, Business Development Director, Orient Logic "The world is changing and evolving radically on a daily basis. In order for a modern business to keep pace with constant growth, it needs to adapt quickly to change. Flexible and easily scalable IT infrastructure is an integral part of successful digital transformation. Red Hat is an open source leader in infrastructure solutions and We are pleased that Bank of Georgia has chosen Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the main guarantor of Innovative Solutions. Orient Logic is Red Hat's premier business partner in the region, a status that enables us to provide the best in our partner organizations. Service in the process of successful digital transformation. " Based on Red Hat's top-of-the-line partnership, Orient Logic offers organizations a digital platform to improve business flexibility, which is important in a changing environment typical of the banking industry. "Banks are investing in information technology to reduce costs and stay in the market with high competence," said Merab Gogolauri. "Our partner organizations are already using Red Hat products and solutions in their digital transformation process. We are confident that together with Red Hat we will implement many more large-scale projects, on the basis of which we will offer medium and large organizations in Georgia and in our region as a whole, solutions of modern products designed to overcome complex challenges and enrich the technological ecosystem with versatile open source solutions." ©️ HTTPS://WWW.ENTREPRENEUR.COM


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