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Dell Technologies and Red Hat Expand Strategic Collaboration

Dell Technologies and Red Hat Expand Strategic Collaboration

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) is expanding its long-standing strategic relationship with Red Hat to offer new solutions that simplify deploying and managing on-premises, containerized infrastructure in multicloud environments.

Gartner predicts that 90% of global organizations will run containerized applications in production by 2027. However, as adoption has grown, so have the challenges associated with deploying and managing container deployments across organizations and finding IT staff with container skills. Combined Dell and Red Hat solutions will help organizations speed development and operations (DevOps) of cloud-native applications while removing IT management barriers.

The advantages of Dell Technologies and Red Hat collaboration are:

APEX Containers for Red Hat OpenShift provides IT organizations and their developers with a Dell-managed, on-premises Container-as-a-Service solution on Dell infrastructure. With Red Hat OpenShift, the service allows customers to meet the needs of their developers without the need to build and manage their own physical infrastructure.

The Dell Validated Platform for Red Hat OpenShift, powered by Intel, streamlines deployment processes and management of on-premises infrastructure for container orchestration with fully documented deployment and configuration guidance. Customers can more quickly get their on-premises infrastructure up and running and can more predictably operate a Red Hat OpenShift environment on Dell PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure.

Co-developed to run Red Hat OpenShift on bare metal, DevOps teams can more rapidly provision compute and storage resources and provide infrastructure-as-code while automating DevOps processes, empowering developers to become an innovation engine for their businesses.

Dell and Red Hat are co-engineering a hybrid cloud solution that extends management of on-premises Red Hat OpenShift deployments across public clouds and the edge more consistently.

This automated infrastructure will be designed to use Dell software for full stack integration of Red Hat OpenShift on scalable Dell software-defined storage and compute to deliver cloud flexibility and help simplify on-premises operations.

With application agility being critical for businesses to remain competitive, tight integration will make it easier for organizations to develop applications once and deploy them anywhere with a common operational model.

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