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The Orient Logic team, in collaboration with partner organizations, hosted the CyberThursday 2021 Cyber ​​Security Conference.

Both international and local representatives of our partner organizations took part in the event. As part of CyberThursday 2021, we discussed modern cyber challenges as well as technologies and solutions that fully ensure the successful addressing of these challenges.

During the conference we discussed the following topics:

  • One Identity technology solutions Presenter: Maksym Makovetskyi, BAKOTECH

  • Trend Micro - modern cyber technologies Presenter: Rostom Kopadze, Orient Logic

  • Netwrix Technologies Presenter: Ruslan Aniskin, BAKOTECH

In addition to the official part of the conference, a shooting competition was held among the guests invited to the event, where participants virtually destroyed the potential threats that might be caused during the cyber-attack.

During the event, the regulations and standards developed by the World Health Organization and relevant organizations in Georgia were fully complied with.

The CyberThursday series of events will continue in the future, during which we will actively discuss modern technologies in the areas of cyber security and information security.


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