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ორიენტ ლოჯიკის სერვისები

IT Infrastructure

  • Basic IT infrastructure servers, high-performance computing systems, storage arrays, backup and archiving systems;

  • Hyperconverged infrastructure software is defined as controlled hardware that combines all the elements of a traditional data centre: storage, computing, network and control systems;

  • Backup and archiving system - a system of backup copies for business-critical data and databases;

  • Virtual servers and Desktop Infrastructure Consolidation of the physical environment into a virtual one in order to ensure proper resource allocation, management and cost optimization.

ქსელური ინფრასტრუქტურა

Network Infrastructure

  • Basic network infrastructure - Creation of corporate computer networks, supplying of management and monitoring systems;

  • SDN decision - Software Defined based network infrastructure;

  • Wireless network - Providing wireless network design, topology and implementation;

  • Telephony - Arranging of telephone centre and video conference systems.


  • Network security - Ensuring hardware and technical network security;

ქსელური ინფრასტრუქტურა
კიბერ უსაფრთხოება

Cyber Security

  • Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM) – IBM QRadar;

  • Data Loss Prevention system (DLP), a solution to prevent leak of confidential information from the company perimeter - Forcepoint, Symantec;

  • Privileged Access Management solution (PAM) – Delinea, CyberAr;

  • Protection of work stations and servers - Endpoint Security - Trend Micro, Symantec;

  • Vulnerability scanners are software devices that are diagnosing and monitoring networked computers - (Vulnerability Management) - Rapid 7;

  • Web Application Firewall - WAF - Barracuda, Fortinet;

  • Protection of electronic mails from harmful viruses - (Email Security) Trend Micro, Barracuda, Fortinet;

მართვადი უსაფრთხოების სერვისები

Managed Security Services

  • SOCaaS (SOC as a Service) - Security Operations Center as a service;

  • Penetration Testing - penetration and security testing;

  • Implementation of standards and supporting certification process (ISO27001, PCI-DSS, NBG CyberSecurity Framework, SOC 2, Swift CSP);

  • Consultation regarding informational and IT security;

  • Assessment of technical controls;

  • Managing and reacting to incidents;

  • Assessment of the environment and audit.

მართვადი უსაფრთხოების სერვისები
პერსონალური სისტემები
პერსონალური სისტემები

Personal Systems

  • Projectors;

  • Interactive screen (smartboard);

  • Printers;

  • Conference system;

  • Plotters;

  • Scanners;

  • Self-service and smart interactive kiosks;

  • Notebooks;

  • AIO monoblocks, personal computers;

  • Work stations;

მართვადი სერვისები

Managed  Services

  • professional services;

  • IT technology consulting;

  • Architectural services;

  • Technical support and managed services;

მართვადი სერვისები
ავტორიზებული სერვის ცენტრი
ავტორიზებული სერვის ცენტრი

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